Our company started as a family business over 60 years ago with a Singer™ foot-pedaled sewing machine. Back then, we created embroidery stitches by shaking the fabric hoop under a sewing needle that moved straight up and down. We kept up with technology and improved our techniques with electric sewing machines and embroidery machines. We set up shop in the United States when we moved here in 1982. We expanded our operation to include Tajima™ Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Embroidery machines, Ioline die cut machine ( for applique), merrow machine ( for patches) and the latest in Computer Graphics Software.

Technology only provides precision and speed; artistry and expertise still come from people. That expertise is passed from generation to generation through hands-on practice. We know the types of stitching to be used on different types of fabric. We know how different patterns interact with light to make a design really stand out. We visually inspect each item for quality whether the order is for a single item or for thousands. 100% of the work is done in the U.S. in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Please take a look around this site for examples of our work and the services we offer. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, we are eager to hear from you.
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Polar Bell Embroidery

Polar Bell Embroidery
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